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Stormy Daniels just filed another lawsuit against the president

Stormy Daniels has filed another lawsuit against President Trump, TMZ revealed Monday.

The former adult film actress was paid $130,000 by Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen in October 2016 for her silence about an affair she says she had with the president in 2006. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has sued to be released from the nondisclosure agreement Cohen arranged, arguing it is invalid because Trump never signed it.

The second suit, filed in New York on Monday and confirmed by The Associated Press, asserts that Trump defamed Daniels when he insinuated on Twitter earlier this month that she was lying when she claimed that in 2011, a man threatened her physical safety if she spoke out about Trump. Daniels has claimed the man found her in a Las Vegas parking lot while she was with her young daughter, saying "it'd be a shame if something happened to that little girl's mom."

Trump has denied ever having an affair with Daniels, and wrote on Twitter earlier this month that her story was a "con job," prompting Daniels' defamation suit. Read more about how Daniels' legal machinations are subtly brilliant here at The Week.