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Trump attorney Michael Cohen went to a remarkably bad law school

President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen has had a series of rather public missteps lately.

He's exposed one client's identity and paid $130,000 in hush money for another — who apparently doesn't think much of him anyway. Politico on Friday added insult to injury, blaring in a headline that Cohen went to what might be "the worst law school in America."

Criticism of Cohen has reached his alma mater, the Thomas M. Cooley Law School of Western Michigan University.

The Cooley School has an 88 percent acceptance rate, says LawSchoolNumbers.com. Barely a majority of its students pass the bar, compared to 71 percent who pass statewide, per Cooley's own website. And it has topped many lists of the worst law schools in the country.

Yet even with its spectacularly shoddy record, Cooley isn't trying to defend Cohen.

“What I am seeing is incivility and bullying by people who truly know little about legal education — and especially about our fine law school,” Cooley general counsel James Robb told Politico in response to the school's newfound notoriety thanks to Cohen. The University of Alabama isn't disgraced because of Roy Moore, nor is Yale University because of Bill Clinton, Robb continued.

But the numbers don't lie. Read more at Politico.