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Late Night Tackles Trump versus the World

Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper are worried John Bolton robbed Trump of his Nobel Peace Prize

"America's relationship with insane Teletubby Kim Jong Un has never been better," Trevor Noah said on Wednesday's Daily Show. "In fact, things have been looking so optimistic that President Trump is even getting some awards buzz." He laughed at Trump's "fake humility" over the Nobel Peace Prize scuttlebutt but not Trump's obvious joy. "Have you ever seen Donald Trump this genuinely happy before?" he asked. "He looks happier than Ben Carson in a mattress store."

But then North Korea threatened to cancel June's Kim-Trump summit, "which is such a drag for President Trump," Noah said. "This is the one thing that he was going to do right. Now they're screwing him so hard it's going to cost him $130,000." Still, North Korea has some seemingly legitimate reasons, like National Security Adviser John Bolton saying North Korea should emulate the "Libya model" of denuclearization. "What kind of moron uses what the U.S. did in Libya as a sales pitch to another dictator?" Noah asked. "'Kim Jong Un, here's our opening offer: You, shot in the head on the side of the road. Hello?'"

At The Opposition, Jordan Klepper was outraged. "What kind of maniac suddenly walks away from a nuclear deal for no specific reason, just because he can?" he asked, pointing at Kim and Trump. "This chubby, egomaniacal tyrant cannot be trusted, and everybody in American knows who I'm talking about right now, with his dumb hair and his bad English." Besides, "all Bolton suggested is that Libya was a good role model for North Korea," he said. "It's an easy path to follow: Libya gave up its nuclear program, and pretty soon their country was in ruins and their leader was captured and killed by his own people. What's not to like, Kim?"

Like Noah, Klepper was worried about Trump: "What's this going to do to his upcoming campaign to win the Nobel Peace Prize?" Watch below. Peter Weber