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Seth Meyers shares advice he never thought he'd give Trump: Watch more TV

Seth Meyers made a fake Nobel Peace Prize for nothing.

On Wednesday's Late Night, the host lamented that he was ready to present the faux prize to President Trump ahead of his June summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but on Tuesday, North Korea threatened to back out of the meeting. "This should delight no one," Meyers said. "Diplomacy with North Korea is a good thing and is the only way to resolve this situation without armed conflict."

Now is the time for "calm, steady leadership," Meyers added, before playing a clip of Trump saying multiple times Wednesday that he knows nothing about the current situation with North Korea or how the U.S. will respond. "You haven't seen anything or heard anything?" Meyers said. "I never thought I'd say this but Mr. President, you should watch more TV." Trump is dealing with more than just North Korea — watch below for Meyers' take on all of his foreign policy troubles, from the Middle East to China. Catherine Garcia