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Trevor Noah: If you want a pardon from Trump, just 'start sending racist Obama tweets'

When Kim Kardashian West met with President Trump in the White House on Wednesday to discuss prison reform, it made perfect sense to Trevor Noah.

"I know some of you were thinking, 'I can't believe this reality show moron is in the Oval Office,' but don't forget he was elected by the American people, so show some respect," he said on Thursday's Daily Show. The pair actually have "so much in common," he continued. "They're both reality stars, they're both big on social media, Kanye loves both of them, they both believe in employing everyone in their family no matter how useless they are."

The purpose of the meeting was for Kardashian West to lobby on behalf of Alice Marie Johnson, 62, a great-grandmother serving a life sentence in federal prison on drug charges. So, was she successful, and able to convince Trump to use his power to pardon? "The answer is yes, although as always with any Kardashian story, there's a big but," Noah quipped. Trump announced on Thursday he was pardoning someone, but instead of Johnson it was Dinesh D'Souza, a conservative provocateur who peddles conspiracy theories and outlandish stories about Democrats, with Barack Obama a favorite target.

By ignoring Johnson and pardoning a "right-wing troll," Trump showed he doesn't care about "sentencing reform or government overreach," Noah said. "All he cares about is doing favors for people he likes." If Kardashian West is serious about getting a pardon for Johnson, Noah added, "forget the meetings and tell her to start sending racist Obama tweets, and she'll be out in a week." Catherine Garcia