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CNN's Chris Cuomo demolished GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart on air

CNN's Chris Cuomo demolished Virginia GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart on Wednesday night in a fiery exchange over Stewart's anti-immigrant views and his association with neo-Confederates. At one point, when Stewart attempted an attack on Cuomo's late father, former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo (D), Chris Cuomo blisteringly shot back: "My father is dead and buried and was 10 times the man you will ever be on your best day."

CNN commentator and Republican strategist Ana Navarro, for one, loved every minute of it. "Oh honey, can I tell you something?" Navarro told her colleague afterwards. "Jason Miller doesn't have to own Corey Stewart because sweetheart, you just did for the last two segments. That is the most entertaining 15 minutes I have watched on TV in a long, long time. Forget the raccoon cam, forget the gorilla channel, just give me Chris Cuomo owning neo-Nazis, owning white nationalists."

"I'm glad you put me in that group of other wild animals," Cuomo joked back. Watch some of his "Nazi-owning" below. Jeva Lange