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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Jordan Klepper grapples with the argument that Trump's 'constant lies' are awesome and foolproof

It's summer, which means "presidential rally season," Jordan Klepper said on The Opposition Tuesday night, "and the left wants to say these rallies are just echo chambers where the president makes up facts. But all I hear is incontrovertible winning." He played some of the questionable claims Trump made on Monday night. "If the president was a liar, would he draw crowds so big that they literally get bigger every time he tells that story?" Klepper asked. "Checkmate, media. We all know the president does not lie."

Klepper brought out Tim Baltz, who disagreed. "They're acting like Trump's constant lies are a bad thing," he said. "Lying is his thing, Jordan," Baltz added, after Klepper protested, and as a tactic it's "easy, fun, presidential." "Tim, you're wrong, Trump is the first honest president we've ever had — he tells it like it is," Klepper said. "No, you're wrong, Jordan," Baltz shot back. "Trump tells it like we want to hear it, with lies."

"Trump can't be a liar — he's the president," Klepper said. "If he were a liar, he would have faced some sort of consequences." "Good one, Jordan," Baltz said, laughing. "Trump and his friends don't face consequences because they have a second ingenious tactic that they go to anytime they get challenged: Keep f---ing lying. ... We don't care if Donald Trump is telling the truth, as long as his lies are punishing our worst enemies: Americans we disagree with. And that's what's so beautiful for us conservatives in this moment. We've been given a chance to govern, and this is what we chose to do with it: Create your own reality that can't be bothered by facts or laws." "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed," Klepper said. Baltz rolled his eyes: "Yeah, why aren't you lying? Have you learned nothing?" It doesn't end well. Watch below. Peter Weber