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smells like 2008

The Delaware History Museum is selling a Joe Biden-scented candle

Joe Biden candle.

Former Vice President Joe Biden smells like orange Gatorade.

Well, that's true if a certain "Joe Biden-scented candle" sold at the Delaware History Museum is to be trusted. The candle, which Delaware Online kindly brought to the world's attention, features a very descriptive label:

The Joe Biden-Scented Candle is more than just a candle that vaguely resembles Joe Biden. It's also a friend, a confidante (at least as much as any other inanimate object), and a mentor (if you're trying to be a candle). You'll feel your hope and optimism being restored as you lift the lid and inhale the aroma of Biden’s favorite orange-flavored sports drink.

Yes, Biden affirmed his love of orange Gatorade to US Weekly in 2016 — though his love of Syracuse University's Orange shouldn't be overlooked either. This eau de Biden costs $22 at the Delaware History Museum, but for those who aren't looking to take the Amtrak to Wilmington, Delaware, they're also sold online.

Does the citrus scent seem too sickeningly sweet for your living room? Check out some other choice Biden merchandise in this video from Delmarva Now. Kathryn Krawczyk