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Morning Joe compiles all the times Trump awkwardly wandered away from an event

President Trump awkwardly wandered away from a G-20 photo op before it was over, but it was hardly an isolated incident.

Morning Joe on Tuesday aired a montage of other times the president has just sort of meandered away from an event before it had actually wrapped up. This includes an instance when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was left standing by himself when Trump shuffled away from a press conference early. In another instance, Vice President Mike Pence had to turn Trump around while he was trying to leave before signing an executive order.

The most recent entry into the montage was a particularly odd moment at the G-20 summit this weekend, when Trump left a photo-op with Argentine President Mauricio Macri. He had apparently wandered off stage before a group photo was to be taken, and Trump seems to say off-camera, "Get me out of here," per Splinter.

This montage was all set to The Allman Brothers Band's "Ramblin' Man," and host Joe Scarborough couldn't help but point out that this montage probably was "not what the Allman Brothers had in mind when they wrote the song." Watch Morning Joe's montage of Trump's not-so-smooth exits below. Brendan Morrow