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MoviePass is introducing new subscription plans in an attempt to win back subscribers

After its increasingly cumbersome restrictions and unreliable service caused customers to flee in droves, MoviePass is trying desperately to win them back.

The subscription service, which was founded in 2011 but gained national recognition last year after allowing users to see one movie in theaters per day for just $9.95 a month, will roll out three subscription tiers in January. The first is called "select." It starts at $9.95 per month and is essentially the same service MoviePass is currently offering: Subscribers can see three films a month, but a limited number of films are only available on certain days, a restriction introduced over the summer that enraged customers and inspired many to cancel.

Then there's "all access," which starts at $14.95 per month but allows users to see any movie at any time, although they can only see three per month.

Finally, the third subscription tier is called "red carpet," and at $19.95 per month, it's the same as "all access" except users can also see one premium screening per month. As with the other tiers, users can only see three movies a month under this plan. This is the same price as AMC Stubs A-List, which allows subscribers to see three movies a week and unlimited premium screenings. The prices for all three plans vary, however, depending on where the subscriber lives; if you live in a major city, you can expect to pay more.

This is part of MoviePass' attempt to win back subscribers' trust. “The way we have been going about this is not the right way," CEO Mitch Lowe told The New York Times. "We listened. We reassessed.” MoviePass is also clearly hoping this model will be more sustainable than the old one after its parent company lost $137 million in Q3.