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The shutdown is getting so bad, this airport started a food bank for government workers

Employees in dozens of federal agencies haven't been paid in 20 days thanks to the government shutdown.

That includes Transportation Security Administration workers, many of whom have had to call out sick or quit their jobs, the TSA union says. They're either searching for new or part-time jobs, or simply leaving work to alleviate child care costs, per CNN. But those who haven't quit are facing a downright dystopian reality, The New York Times' Glenn Thrush notes.

Several federal departments have gone unfunded since the shutdown began Dec. 21 over a clash between President Trump and Democrats regarding funding for his proposed border wall. Thousands of workers are either furloughed or expected to work without pay, and there's no guarantee they'll receive back pay when it's over. Some unemployed workers have been told to have garage sales, negotiate with landlords, or barter to make ends meet.