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Chucky's back in the first trailer for the Child's Play remake

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Orion Pictures on Friday released the first official trailer for Child's Play, a remake of the classic 1988 film about a killer doll that launched a hit slasher franchise. Aubrey Plaza stars in the lead role as Karen Barclay, a mother who in the original film gifts her son a Good Guy doll for his birthday, not realizing it's possessed by the soul of a serial killer, Charles Lee Ray.

The new trailer teases at least one modern update to the original film, with Chucky now originating from a technology company called Kaslan, which appears to make other gadgets like tablets and virtual reality headsets. Don't expect to get a good look at Chucky, though, as Friday's teaser keeps him obscured in the darkness and never fully reveals him.

Don Mancini, the original creator of Chucky who has written every film in the series and directed the last three, is not on board with this film. In fact, Mancini is still in the middle of his own Chucky franchise, having released a 2017 sequel, Cult of Chucky, that ended on a cliffhanger. Mancini has complained about this remake being made without his permission, especially considering he's developing his own Chucky TV show that will pick up where Cult left off.

Child's Play is directed by Lars Klevberg and written by Tyler Burton Smith. It hits theaters on June 21 — ironically, the same day as Toy Story 4. Watch the trailer below. Brendan Morrow