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Cohen in Congress

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Ivanka, thinks GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz's tweeted threat to Michael Cohen is 'kind of nice'

President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un are both in Vietnam for their second summit, and they'll "meet tomorrow night for what is being called a small dinner," Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday's Kimmel Live. "Already I don't believe it — neither of those two has ever eaten a small dinner." But "as Trump is chumming it up with his new little pal, his former lawyer and friend Michael Cohen arrived for Day 1 of a three-day confessional to Congress," Kimmel said. Cohen is expected to say some very damaging things about Trump in his only public testimony on Wednesday, "and the White House has been working very hard to try to discredit him in advance."

"Trump sycophants in Congress are going after Cohen, too," Kimmel said, with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), "a big Trump supporter," tweeting what many view as a threat and witness-tampering. "The tweet is quite possibly a felony — witness tampering is illegal — but it's kind of nice in a way, because by the time Trump goes to prison. he's gonna have all his family and friends there with him, too." Vietnam is 12 hours ahead, but Trump is "reportedly planning to pull an all-nighter in his hotel room to watch the testimony," Kimmel said. "So that should put him in the right mood to talk denuclearization. ... I'm looking forward to this testimony, because whenever Michael Cohen opens his mouth, it's nothing short of a comedy delight."

"With all this going on, the Trump family, they're determined to carry on with business as usual," Kimmel said. For presidential daughter Ivanka Trump, that meant making "an absolutely incredible statement" on Fox News "that really makes you wonder if these people have any connection to reality at all," he said, playing the clip, slightly doctored. "It's true, people don't want to be given anything. Ivanka had to sell shoes for years before she got into the White House." Peter Weber