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venezuela crisis

Maduro's government arrests American journalist, expels German ambassador from Caracas

As the crisis in Venezuela continues, President Nicolás Maduro's counterintelligence forces have begun to crack down on citizens of foreign countries that have announced their support of opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Authorities raided the homes of American journalist Cody Weddle and his assistant, Carlos Camacho, a Venezuelan citizen, early Wednesday morning in Caracas. The two remain in custody.

The U.S. State Department has demanded Weddle's immediate release.

Maduro's government has reportedly already detained 36 journalists in the country this year.

In addition to Weddle and Camacho, the Venezuelan government expelled Daniel Kriener, the German ambassador, after he met Guaidó at the Caracas airport during the latter's triumphant return to the country. Both Germany and the United States are among the numerous nations that have recognized Guaidó as Venezuela's legitimate interim president, and have called for Maduro to step aside.