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Late Night Tackles 2020

Mayor Pete Buttigieg slow-jams his campaign with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, throws a few elbows

"Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is continuing to gain support in the Democratic primary in — you know, I was going to make a joke about this, but I don't think it needs a joke, I think it needs to be slow-jammed," Jimmy Fallon said on Monday's Tonight Show. "That's right, I want to slow-jam the news, and I'm not the only one." Buttigieg got enthusiastic applause as he walked out on stage.

The slow-jam was mostly Buttigieg making earnest campaign introductions, Fallon rephrasing them in a low voice with double entendres, and Tariq Trotter of The Roots singing most of the good one-liners, but they shook things up a bit at times, like when Buttigieg said he went on Fox News because he wants "everyone to join this campaign, Democrats and Republicans." "Democrats and Republicans? So what you're saying is you go both ways?" Fallon asked. "No, I'm just gay," Buttigieg responded. He also hit President Trump with a gentle he's-so-old joke and then slapped another one on Fallon.

You can watch Buttigieg and Fallon tease this appearance back in April, in several different languages, below. Peter Weber