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but at least he's not running

Tom Steyer is spending $1 million on pro-impeachment TV ads

Tom Steyer better hope Congress has time to watch TV.

Despite declining a 2020 run earlier this year, the billionaire philanthropist hasn't fully retreated from the politics game, and is instead largely focused on impeaching President Trump. That push is highlighted in Steyer's latest $1 million ad buy, which turns the impeachment onus on congressional Democrats and prods them to get a move on.

Steyer has long been an advocate of Trump impeachment — hence his website needtoimpeach.com that urges readers to call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). This ad follows up on the message, and features a diverse group of presumable Democrats decrying representatives who "told us to wait for the Mueller investigation" before moving to impeachment. Yet Trump and his administration continued to "block the release of his tax returns" and "illegally refuse to testify," the people in the ad claim, and Democrats are letting him "get away with it."

Steyer's ad will probably be seen by a lot more people who aren't in Congress than who are, though he doesn't seem too concerned about it.