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Tom Steyer is obsessed with red plaid ties

Having trouble finding Tom Steyer among the two dozen Democratic candidates? Look for a red plaid tie.

The billionaire philanthropist debuted his 2020 presidential campaign on Tuesday with a video that largely featured Steyer speaking in a button-down shirt and rolled sleeves. Yet in any historical shot where Steyer is a little more dressed up, it's nearly impossible to find him without his signature red tie.

A quick glance through Google images suggests that Steyer's closet holds exactly one tie. But take a look at this red, yellow, and black combination.

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It's ever so slightly different from this red, black, and white mixture, though the plaid suit Steyer paired with it could make things confusing.

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And sometimes, Steyer throws a bit of blue and green onto the requisite red base.

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But wait! This photo from 2013 changes the game. There's still a little red on there, though, so Steyer is still mostly on brand.

And when it comes time to get really fancy, Steyer always respects a black-tie dress code.

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So what's the deal with Steyer's monochrome closet? As The Washington Post reported in 2013, "he dons Scottish ties every day," but won't wear "the tartan of his own clan, Murray, because he said it was too ugly." It's not clear why they have to be red, but perhaps he'll want to switch it up now that he desperately needs some blue backers to make it to the next Democratic debate stage.