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Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong airport cancels almost all flights amid large, enduring protests

Hong Kong International Airport, one of the world's busiest, announced Monday that it has canceled all departing flights that have not checked in, blaming protesters who have flooded the airport and "seriously disrupted" air travel. All arriving flights will be allowed to land, the airport said. Thousands of new protesters crowded the airport's main terminal Monday after police were filmed violently cracking down on protesters Sunday night, rallying around a woman caught bleeding from her eyes, apparently after being shot with bean bag rounds at close range.

The Hong Kong Free Press website, which captured the woman with bleeding eyes, also filmed police kneeling on a black-clad protester, pushing his face into a pool of his own blood. Police are clearly becoming more aggressive. As protesters gathered around Hong Kong this weekend, as they have every weekend since Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam introduced a since-suspended bill two months ago that would curb Hong Kong's independent judiciary, police introduced new tactics, including dressing up as protesters to arrest suspects and sow discord among the demonstrators and deploying specially armored water cannon trucks. They also fired tear gas and less-than-lethal ammunition at protesters.

The protesters are demanding Lam's resignation, democratic elections for her replacement, an investigation into excessive use of police force, and the release of the more than 600 protesters arrested who are still in police custody.