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never Trumpers unite

Anthony Scaramucci and Bill Kristol are conspiring to knock Trump off the 2020 GOP ticket

President Trump wasn't wrong to put Anthony Scaramucci on his enemies list.

It's no secret that never-Trump Republican Bill Kristol would like to see someone else at the top of the GOP's presidential ticket. Now, he's adding the former White House communications director turned anti-Trumper to his battalion, confirming they've discussed the matter with a texted "yup" to CNBC.

Kristol's long neoconservative history includes founding the now-defunct Weekly Standard magazine and working for a handful of past Republican presidents. But he's dead-set on ensuring Trump has no chance to be reelected in 2020, preferably by getting another Republican to primary the current president. Scaramucci, meanwhile, announced last week he's officially dumping Trump, apparently prompting Kristol to give him a call. Kristol and Scaramucci have "chatted" about ousting Trump, but "working with him would be an exaggeration," Kristol told CNBC.

It's an odd potential partnership for Kristol, who has publicly criticized Scaramucci in the past. Still, Scaramucci has retained his spot in Trump's mind well beyond his 11-day White House tenure, with Trump firing a tweet storm at his former aide just last week. Yet Scaramucci recently said he received support from current White House staffers, as well as current and former elected officials, after publicly opposing Trump. Kristol, it seems, could be trying to tap into the Scaramucci network.

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