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Beto O'Rourke's new campaign shirts to end gun violence just say 'This Is F--ked Up' 6 times

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke is fed-up with the epidemic of gun violence in America, and he's using the F-bomb to convey just how mad he is. In the wake of the Midland-Odessa shooting this weekend that left at least seven dead, the former Texas lawmaker tweeted, "We don't know how many have been killed. We don't know the motivation. But here's what we do know: This is f--ked up."

It might not exactly be William Wordsworth, but O'Rourke's campaign seized on the viral moment, launching a new $30 shirt with the text "THIS IS F*CKED UP" printed six times, followed by the message: "End gun violence now. Beto for America."

One hundred percent of proceeds are set to go to activist groups Moms Demand Action and March for Our Lives. In defense of the shirt's strong language, Team Beto tweeted: "If you're angrier about a swear word than a baby being shot in the face, consider your choices."