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last straw?

Bolton and Trump reportedly got into a 'bitter argument' about the Taliban last night

It looks like President Trump and former National Security Adviser John Bolton had one last argument for the road.

Trump on Tuesday announced that Bolton has left the administration after he requested his resignation last night, although Bolton is disputing that, claiming he was the one to offer to resign. Both parties agree, though, that a conversation about Bolton's departure took place on Monday evening, with Bolton saying Trump told him they would "talk about it tomorrow." In his original tweet, Trump said he "disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions."

Now, CNN's Kaitlan Collins is reporting Trump and Bolton "got into a bitter argument" last night about Trump's plan to meet with Taliban leaders at Camp David over the weekend, just days before the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. This meeting ultimately did not take place, with Trump saying he called it off after an attack in Kabul.

NBC News previously reported that Bolton "vehemently opposed" this idea, as did Vice President Mike Pence. Pence subsequently denied this report. CNN's Jim Acosta reports a "factor in Bolton’s firing was that Trump and Pence were upset that Bolton's team had made it sound as though the VP opposed the Taliban meeting at Camp David."

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said Tuesday "there was no last straw" that led to Bolton's ouster, although this certainly sounds like one.