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2020 Democratic debates

At least 1 protester managed to get on the Democratic debate stage

At the end of Thursday night's Democratic debate, as former Vice President Joe Biden prepared to answer a question about resilience, he was interrupted by several protesters, with at least one managing to make it onto the stage.

Their shouts were hard to distinguish, but photos show that some were wearing shirts that said "Defend DACA, Abolish ICE, Citizenship for All." The protester that was photographed on stage appeared to be just a few feet away from the candidates.

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Earlier in the night, debate moderator Jorge Ramos asked Biden about the 3 million deportations carried out under former President Barack Obama. Biden said Obama "did the best thing that was able to be done," and brought up Obama's executive order that created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act (DACA), which protected some young undocumented migrants from deportation.