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Impeachment polling

Majority of voters in new Fox News poll back impeaching Trump and removing him from office

A Fox News poll released Wednesday recorded a 51 percent majority of voters in favor of both impeaching President Trump and removing him from office, with another 4 percent favoring impeachment but not removal and 40 percent opposed to impeachment. Support for impeachment was up 9 percentage points overall since a Fox News poll in July, including an 11 point rise among Democrats, a 5 point bump among Republicans, and a 3 point gain among independents.

There are some pretty bad numbers for Trump in the demographic breakdowns: Twelve percent of Trump voters said they want him impeached and removed from office, for example, as did 28 percent of white evangelical Christians, 22 percent of self-described conservatives, 35 percent of white men without a college degree, 38 percent of white rural voters, and 57 percent of suburban women. In counties where Trump and Hillary Clinton were within 10 points of each other in 2016, 52 percent of voters want Trump impeached and removed, the poll found, a 10 point jump since July.

When asked to characterize the House's impeachment inquiry, 48 percent of voters said Trump is "getting what he deserves" while 37 percent said it's "people out to get him." A 55 percent majority said they think Trump does what's best for himself, including 18 percent of Republicans, while 39 percent said they think he tries to do what's best for the country. Fifty-one percent said they think the Trump administration is more corrupt than previous administrations, a rise of 5 points from last month.

The poll was conducted Oct. 6-8 by Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Co. (R), who surveyed 1,003 registered voters nationwide via landline and cellphone. The margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points for all voters. Read more results at Fox News.