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George Conway suggests Trump's impeachment lawyers knew exactly what was in Bolton's book

President Trump's impeachment defenders may have known the John Bolton bombshell was coming.

After Sunday's report indicating Bolton's forthcoming book would allege Trump blatantly suggested withholding aid from Ukraine, Democrats have only strengthened their calls for a Bolton impeachment testimony, and some Republicans have drifted to their side. A Bolton testimony would be "devastating to Trump" — and his lawyers' opening arguments show they expected it all along, George Conway argues in a Washington Post op-ed published Monday.

Conway is the husband of Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway and, unlike his wife, is constantly criticizing Trump and calling for his impeachment. He's been watching the Senate impeachment trial, and observed in his Post op-ed that so far, the president's lawyers have yet to mention the former national security adviser. "There's no need to speculate why," Conway wrote: "The news about what's in Bolton's forthcoming book is out — and it shows that his testimony would be devastating to Trump."

The fact that Trump's defenders didn't bring up Bolton is further proof of Trump's wrongdoing, Conway continues to argue. "At least some members of the president's defense team have known exactly what Bolton would say if called to the stand," Conway theorizes: That Trump wanted to halt security assistance to Ukraine until it promised to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. "Quid. Pro. Quo," Conway succinctly sums it up.

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