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Adam Driver apparently recorded some last-minute Rise of Skywalker dialogue in his closet

Not long before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's release, Adam Driver knew what he had to do: get into character as Kylo Ren while stuffed in a closet.

That's according to sound editor Matthew Wood, who recently appeared on the SoundWorks Collection podcast to talk about his work on the latest Star Wars film. As flagged by Twitter user Sleemo, asked about the strangest place he's had to record dialogue, Wood provided an answer that didn't disappoint, revealing Driver recorded "two or three" Kylo Ren lines for the movie while "stuffed" in his closet.

"The very last recording we did was, we had to change some lines of Kylo when he had his mask on," Wood said. "... I went to [Driver's] house in Brooklyn ... I ended up opening up one of his closets where he had all of his suits, and I just pushed the suits out of the way and said, 'hang your head in here.'"

Wood didn't mention when exactly this took place, but he did say Driver "left to go do Seth Meyers' show immediately after that," and Driver appeared on Late Night on Nov. 20, about a month before the film hit theaters. Wood also didn't specify what dialogue was added, but should there ever be a special Academy Award for best performance from a closet, Driver should be a shoo-in.