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2020 Oscars

Eminem performed at the Oscars, and no one's sure why

Just when you thought the 2020 Oscars wasn't providing many surprises, there was ... Eminem?

About halfway through the Oscars telecast on Sunday night, Eminem showed up out of nowhere for a full performance of "Lose Yourself." Why? No one exactly made it clear. If only there were some sort of a host who could have provided context.

This performance followed a montage dedicated to the best uses of songs in movies, and "Lose Yourself" won Best Original Song in 2003. Weirdly enough, Eminem actually didn't perform that song at the 2003 Oscars, yet here he was performing it 17 years later, and not even on a particular anniversary that makes sense.

Twitter, naturally, was quite confused, although if you were hoping to get some GIFs of a disinterested Martin Scorsese watching Eminem out of this year's Oscars, well, there you go. Brendan Morrow