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Joe Biden is leaving New Hampshire as he admits he's an 'underdog' in the primary

Former Vice President Joe Biden doesn't appear to have the highest of hopes about the New Hampshire primary.

Biden won't be in the state as the results from Tuesday's primary come in, as he will instead spend the evening in South Carolina, CNN reports. The New York Times notes Biden leaves New Hampshire while "staring down the possibility of a fourth — or even fifth — place" finish in the primary. The campaign says he'll address New Hampshire supporters via livestream.

This comes after Biden during last week's Democratic debate predicted he will "take a hit" in the New Hampshire primary after he also "took a hit" in the Iowa caucuses by coming in fourth place. In a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC, Biden again lowered expectations about his showing in New Hampshire, admitting he's an "underdog" in the state where he noted that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) easily won in 2016.

"But I still feel good," Biden said. "This is a long haul."

After announcing his early exit from New Hampshire Tuesday, Biden told reporters, "We're still mildly hopeful here in New Hampshire, and we'll see what happens."