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This visualization shows how droplets from a single cough can infect an entire airplane

The coronavirus pandemic has likely turned people off from air travel for a bit, and this visualization produced by Purdue University probably won't change their minds.

The motion graphic shows the aftermath of just a single cough on an airplane, with tiny invisible droplets dispersing widely throughout the cabin, potentially infecting a large number of fellow travelers. That's not a pleasant thought, even in non-pandemic times.

(Qingyan Chen, Purdue University School of Mechanical Engineering)

It's not exactly news that airplanes pose a risk for getting sick since folks are in close quarters for hours at a time, and developments to combat the spread of viruses are well underway. That might not be comforting right now, but researchers believe breakthroughs are possible, The Washington Post reports. One solution may be ultraviolet lights that can destroy viruses and not harm humans — they're being tested by Columbia University. Read more at The Washington Post.