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he wore goggles though

Trump doesn't wear mask during tour of Arizona mask production facility

President Trump opted out of wearing a mask during his visit to a Honeywell mask production facility in Phoenix on Tuesday, after telling reporters he would cover his face while there.

As he left the White House, Trump was asked by reporters if he would wear a mask while at Honeywell. "If it's a mask facility, I will," he said. "I don't know if it's a mask facility?"

It was a mask facility, and in addition to touring the area where masks are produced, Trump spoke at a roundtable. While Trump did wear goggles, he skipped the mask, as did the other officials who joined him. The Washington Post reports there were signs visible across the facility asking people to don face coverings, with one at the entrance stating, "Please wear your mask at all times." A White House official told the Post Honeywell said the Trump team they did not have to wear masks.

Vice President Mike Pence was criticized last week when he visited the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and did not wear a mask while speaking with doctors and patients, going against the medical center's policy. On Sunday, Pence admitted that while he "didn't think it was necessary," he "should have worn a mask at the Mayo Clinic."