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Michael Keaton might be playing Batman again

Holy DC news, Batman!

Michael Keaton is in talks play Batman again, coming back to the role for the first time since Batman Returns in 1992, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This would be as part of DC's upcoming The Flash film, which stars Ezra Miller. Variety is also reporting that Keaton is in talks for the role.

It doesn't sound like a one-off thing, either. Keaton, according to the Reporter, might also be back for "several other DC-oriented film projects," taking on a Nick Fury-style role as "a mentor or guide or even string puller" and possibly returning in movies like Batgirl. This would be yet another Batman actor that DC would be throwing into the mix in recent years after Ben Affleck starred as Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League and after Robert Pattinson makes his debut as the character in next year's The Batman. Not confusing at all, right?

According to The Wrap, the plot of The Flash, which is based on the Flashpoint comic book storyline, involves Miller's Flash traveling "back in time to prevent the death of his mother," and in the process, he "creates another universe protected by Michael Keaton's Batman, now 30 years older." Prepare to see Keaton go from Batman to Birdman and then back to Batman when the film hits theaters in 2022.