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Kellyanne Conway calls out 'local officials' who refuse to wear masks, but gives Trump a pass

Kellyanne Conway doesn't think President Trump is to blame for America's mask rejection.

When speaking to reporters on Thursday, Conway, a counselor to Trump, pointed out that many Americans haven't been putting on face masks that are essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19. "And I don't think they're not wearing masks because the president of the United States is not wearing a mask," Conway said. Rather Conway said she believes "they're not wearing a mask because nobody's saying put the mask on," seemingly overlooking the advice of thousands of medical professionals, politicians, business owners, entertainers, and so on.

Conway did call out people who've been avoiding masks so far, though she specifically mentioned "local officials" and not the ones at the head of the federal government who haven't been the best example for millions of Americans. Conway didn't include Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, or even herself in that criticism because they are "tested daily" for COVID-19 and likely aren't spreading it, she said.

Still, it never hurts to put on a mask, even if its biggest purpose is to set a good example.