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Stevie Nicks says pandemic 'is a real American Horror Story'

Stevie Nicks says the coronavirus' grasp on the U.S. "is a real American Horror Story."

The singer urged fans on Facebook to take the pandemic seriously, likening the U.S. to the post-nuclear apocalypse plot line of the show American Horror Story: Apocalypse, in which she starred in 2018.

"It was just a great story, but I felt the gravity of it even then," she wrote of starring in AHS. "You did not want to leave that safe house because only death awaited you above ground.” In the show, when characters ventured out, they "wore their hazmat suits and black gas masks~ no questions asked."

But in real life, "A lot of people still aren't taking the wearing of a simple mask seriously," she wrote. "People are dying because people aren't wearing their masks."

Without a shift in attitude or leadership, we won't get ahead of coronavirus, Nicks wrote. She concluded that the state of the U.S. "is not a mini-series, it is a tragedy." Read her full post here.