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Kanye 2020

Kanye West met quietly with Jared Kushner in Colorado last weekend, for some reason

Kanye West, who may be seriously running for president this year or not, met privately with President Trump's de facto campaign chairman, Jared Kushner, in Colorado last weekend, The New York Times reported Wednesday. West had apparently been camping in Colorado with his family and flew, alone, to Telluride, where Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, were vacationing. When contacted by the Times, West said he and Kushner had discussed a book on Black empowerment.

West has freely acknowledged that his slapdash presidential campaign might hurt Joe Biden, whom he has recently criticized, and help Trump, with whom he has a friendly relationship. In a brief follow-up interview with the Times on Wednesday, West declined to elaborate on his meeting with Kushner but did say he is angry about the abortion rate among Black women and said he doesn't reflexively support Democrats.