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'morally bankrupt'

Anderson Cooper rips apart MyPillow CEO as a 'snake oil salesman' in jaw-dropping interview

CNN's Anderson Cooper just went after the CEO of MyPillow as a "snake oil salesman" over his touting of an unproven coronavirus cure in a jaw-dropping, nearly half-hour interview.

Cooper spoke with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Tuesday afternoon after Axios reported that President Trump has "expressed enthusiasm" for an unproven COVID-19 treatment, Oleandrin, being promoted by Lindell, who has a financial stake in the company that develops it.

The CNN host grilled Lindell in the more than 20 minute interview about the fact that "you have no studies to prove" that Oleandrin is a cure for COVID-19 as he baselessly asserts, while Lindell claimed that "this guy called me on Easter Sunday and said he had an answer to the virus" and cited a supposed study that he could provide almost zero information about when Cooper asked about it multiple times.

"How do you sleep at night?" Cooper asked Lindell, per Mediaite. "...How are you different than a snake oil salesman? You have no medical background. There's no evidence of this substance. It hasn't been tested in animals or humans."

At one point, when Lindell asked Cooper why he would risk his reputation to push a COVID-19 cure that didn't work, Cooper brutally shot back, "You don't have a great reputation." Cooper added, when asked by Lindell why "are you attacking me," that the MyPillow boss is "telling people who are desperate to take something that is unproven, potentially dangerous, and you have no evidence to back it up. It's kind of morally bankrupt." Watch a piece of the wild interview below. Brendan Morrow