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Martha Stewart is loving quarantine: 'I have absolutely zero complaints'

Well, at least someone is doing well in quarantine.

That someone is Martha Stewart, who was described by The New York Times on Thursday as "blissed out on CBD" while apparently loving coronavirus quarantine.

"I have absolutely zero complaints about quarantine," Stewart told the Times.

Stewart has been on her 153-acre farm with a small staff that includes her gardener, who also serves as her "Zoom lighting guy," and her days consist of activities such as doing crossword puzzles, working on her blog and HGTV show, riding horses, drinking occasional "Martha-ritas," and walking about to "greet her many other farm animals."

"We have our chickens and peacocks and homing pigeons and geese and donkeys and what else do we have?" Stewart said. "That's what we know about."

Stewart, who describes having to sometimes "rush back" for Zoom meetings because she's "in the woods someplace," also told the Times all about how she's "lost a lot of weight" during quarantine and how "my skin looks really good" while recalling a random person telling her out in public that they had "no idea you looked so good."

"I'm lucky," Stewart acknowledged. "I know how lucky I am. I, daily, think about everybody who doesn't have all these amenities."

Coronavirus quarantine may be driving everyone else increasingly insane, but then again, when it comes to being trapped in one place for an extended period of time, this is hardly Stewart's first rodeo.