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Watch Sarah Cooper and Helen Mirren re-create Trump's infamous Access Hollywood tape

If, like Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), you are not familiar with the 2005 video of President Trump boasting about sexually assaulting women to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, despite the big splash it made at the end of the 2016 presidential race, Sarah Cooper re-enacted the tape for her new Netflix special, Everything's Fine. Cooper uses the comedic skill that made her famous, lip-syncing Trump, but she also got some help from actress Helen Mirren, who portrays Bush.

Even if you remember some of the more memorable lines from Trump's Access Hollywood "locker room talk," as he later called it, there are probably details you do not remember. Cooper brought all of them to life in her re-enactment using props, a bus set that includes an actual locker room, and the occasional sound effect. She did not change any of Trump's language, however, so it must be stressed that the audio is not safe for work.

The Access Hollywood tape, incidentally, destroyed Billy Bush's career. It did not, obviously, end Trump's.