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2020 election

Trump declares victory in states he hasn't won

President Trump is just making up the election results as he goes along.

At around 2:30 a.m. EST, the 2020 presidential election's final results and races in key Electoral College states were far from decided. But Trump decided to declare victory in some of those still uncertain states anyway, particularly the tightly contested states of Georgia and North Carolina.

Trump started what seemed like a partial victory speech early Wednesday by declaring Democrats were "trying to disenfranchise" his voters, despite the fact that counting all the votes in an election is the opposite of disenfranchisement. He then declared victory in Florida and Texas, states that have been projected for a Trump win, and Georgia and North Carolina, which haven't. Only Fox News had projected a win for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Arizona when Trump spoke, but Trump disputed that call during his speech as well.

When Trump spoke, nine percent of votes in Georgia still hadn't been tabulated. Many of those still uncounted votes are in Fulton County, the consistently Democratic area that contains Atlanta. Another five percent of votes still remained uncounted in North Carolina, where neither the presidential nor the Senate race have been given a final call.