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Anderson Cooper: Trump is an 'obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun'

After President Trump addressed the country on Thursday evening, claiming without any evidence that there is widespread voter fraud being committed across the United States in order to prevent him from being re-elected, CNN's Anderson Cooper was ready with a comparison that likely won't do much to improve Trump's mood.

"That is the president of the United States," Cooper said. "That is the most powerful person in the world, and we see him like an obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over."

Trump sounded dejected during his press conference, which took place at the White House. He falsely claimed that Democrats are counting "illegal votes" and smeared election workers across the country, dismissing them as dishonest people counting ballots in back rooms, but said he will "win the election very easily." Catherine Garcia