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Ivanka Trump may have incidentally undermined part of the Trump world's election argument

President Trump's critics were quick with the sarcasm after Ivanka Trump proudly tweeted about her father's electoral victory in Alaska, which was projected by news outlets, including The Associated Press, on Wednesday.

The reactions to Ivanka's tweet stem from claims by the president and his allies (Ivanka has mostly stayed out of the fray) that the media doesn't determine the results of an election, which is technically true, but ignores the fact that networks and other news sources are merely projecting the victor after leads in counted votes become insurmountable. Regardless, by the Trump campaign's logic Alaska should still be up for grabs since only around three-quarters of the votes have been tallied and the vote hasn't been certified.

Of course, they're really making the argument for battleground states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona, which are much closer than Alaska, but the positive response to the media's most recent projection does highlight the cherry-picking nature of the complaints.