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HBO Max is finally coming to Roku ahead of Wonder Woman 1984

When Wonder Woman 1984 makes its streaming debut, Roku users won't be left out in the cold after all.

WarnerMedia announced Wednesday it has finally worked out a deal to bring its streaming service HBO Max to Roku devices. The HBO Max app for Roku will be available on Dec. 17.

HBO Max launched at the end of May, but when it debuted, it didn't have an app on the two most popular streaming platforms, Roku and Amazon Fire devices. This was a major complication in the launch of a service positioned as a competitor to Netflix, and several months went by with the companies at a stalemate and unable to work out a deal. But after an agreement was reached to bring the HBO Max app to Amazon in November, the Roku deal finally came Wednesday, getting the app on both major platforms after more than six months.

WarnerMedia had previously announced that Wonder Woman 1984 would be debuting in the United States on HBO Max and in theaters on Dec. 25, leaving analysts to speculate that this date could effectively become a final deadline to get a Roku deal worked out and avoid leaving many viewers without a convenient way to watch the new blockbuster. And if that alone wasn't enough of an incentive, WarnerMedia later announced it would also debut every single Warner Bros. film scheduled for 2021 on HBO Max as well.