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At least 3 separate Hollywood projects about the GameStop saga are already in development

Is it too soon to prepare to bring the Wall Street GameStop drama to a theater near you? Apparently not, according to Hollywood, where executives are wasting absolutely no time getting to work on the story.

Just within the past day, three separate Hollywood projects based on the recent GameStop chaos on Wall Street, involving Reddit users rallying behind the company's heavily-shorted stock to the chagrin of hedge funds who have bet against it, have been reported to be in development.

Word of the first project came on Sunday, when Deadline revealed MGM has acquired the rights to a book proposal about the GameStop drama called The Antisocial Network from author Ben Mezrich. Mezrich previously wrote The Accidental Billionaires, the story of Facebook's founding that was turned into David Fincher's 2010 movie The Social Network. It's not clear who might write or direct a movie version of The Antisocial Network, but Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are reportedly producing.

Then, Deadline reported on Monday that Netflix is in talks to make its own movie about the GameStop drama, with The Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal in negotiations to write this one and To All The Boys I've Loved Before star Noah Centineo expected to star. But wait, there's more! Hours later, Deadline followed up to reveal yet another GameStop project is in the works, this one a limited series called To The Moon that follows "two roommates laid off from their jobs at GameStop and AMC, who turn COVID into lemonade by using their stimulus checks to dip into the world of day trading." All of this comes as the story continues to unfold and just days after it began to generate widespread attention.

Given the pace at which these project announcements have been coming, it wouldn't be surprising if more are on the way — perhaps eventually leaving critics forced to compile separate top 10 lists for "best GameStop movies of the year."