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'Explosive' Woody Allen documentary featuring video account from 7-year-old Dylan Farrow to debut on HBO

An "explosive" documentary about the sexual abuse allegations against director Woody Allen is set to debut on HBO in just a few weeks.

Allen v. Farrow, a new four-part documentary series examining Dylan Farrow's allegations that her adoptive father Woody Allen sexually abused her, will debut on HBO on Feb. 21, The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Friday. The series was directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, the duo behind On the Record, a 2020 documentary about the sexual misconduct allegations against Russell Simmons.

This Allen documentary series was reportedly shot in secret, and the Reporter describes it as "explosive," also reporting that it includes "new investigative work pieced together via intimate home movie footage, court documents, police evidence, revelatory videotape and never-before-heard audio tapes," as well as interviews with Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow, and Ronan Farrow among others. Additionally, The New York Times reports that in the series, "for the first time, we see the videotape account from 7-year-old Dylan, shot by Farrow in the immediate wake of the accusations." Allen, who according to the Times did not participate in the documentary, has denied the allegations.

HBO debuted a trailer for Allen v. Farrow on Friday, and the filmmakers spoke with the Times in an interview, with Dick explaining that while the story has been "extensively covered," the duo "realized the full story had never gotten out."

"Our objective is never about the perpetrator," Ziering also told the Times. "It's more about all of us understanding these crimes, understanding the way we are all complicit to these crimes and I do mean all of us, both wittingly and unwittingly."

Watch the trailer for Allen v. Farrow below. Brendan Morrow