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Manchin downplays filibuster reform comments, criticizes Democrats for lack of bipartisan efforts

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) on Tuesday downplayed comments he made over the weekend about the future of the Senate filibuster, reiterating that "there's no way that I would vote to prevent the minority [party] from having input into the process in the Senate."

During a recent appearance on Fox News Sunday, Manchin suggested implementing a "talking filibuster," a reform that would require the minority party to hold the Senate floor in opposition. Once they give up, however, legislation would move forward with a simple majority vote, rather than the 60 that are currently required. The idea wouldn't dismantle the filibuster, which is the preference of some Democrats, but Manchin, a centrist who has become one of the most crucial votes in the Senate since the majority flipped, did draw praise from progressives for the proposal. Now, though, he believes folks got a little carried away with his comments, which he told Politico were really just the result of him spitballing, more or less.

Manchin also criticized Democratic Senate leadership for not sitting down with Republicans. "No one's making any effort at all," he said Tuesday. "They just assume it's going to be holy warfare." Read more at Politico.