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Rosamund Pike says she buries awards in her garden

When it comes to displaying her awards, it sounds like Rosamund Pike doesn't actually care a lot after all.

Pike recently won a surprise Golden Globe for I Care a Lot, something you might figure she'd quickly put on a nice shelf. But she revealed to Ellen DeGeneres she actually buries the awards she's received — not in the sense of tucking them away out of sight, but as in literally, in the ground.

"I find it an uneasy thing to display any award in your home,” Pike explained. "I think it's awkward. So I bury them in the garden, with a little bit showing up."

The Gone Girl star added that "it's amusing" that "in the future, when I'm dead and gone, or when somebody else buys the house, they'll be sort of landscaping, and they'll hit metal and they'll think they found buried treasure." Indeed, to anyone who might purchase Pike's property down the line, be sure to have a shovel ready. Depending on how she fares in April, you might just walk away with an Oscar. Brendan Morrow