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Boy digging for worms in his backyard discovers ancient fossil

Sid Singh Jhamat was hoping to dig up some worms in his backyard, but instead, he uncovered a fossil that is estimated to be between 251 million and 488 million years old.

Jhamat, 6, lives in Walsall, England, and he told PA Media he expected to dig up insects and maybe some pieces of pottery or brick. Jhamat was "really excited" when he came across what he thought was a rock shaped "a bit like a horn," and his dad, Vish Singh, quickly took a picture of the object and posted it to a Facebook group for fossil enthusiasts.

It turns out the rock is actually a horn coral, and the members estimated it is likely a Rugosa coral from the Paleozoic era that is at least 251 million years old. Singh told PA Media it's been said that "you can find fossils anywhere if you look carefully enough, but to find a significantly large piece like that is quite unique." Catherine Garcia