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SNL's Britney Spears delivers verdict on Matt Gaetz controversy

For its latest cold open, Saturday Night Live brought back the fictional apology show, Oops, You Did it Again, hosted by Chloe Fineman's Britney Spears.

This time the fictional Spears' guests included Lil Nas X (portrayed by Chris Redd), who caused a controversy for designing so-called "Satan Shoes"; Pepé le Pew (Kate McKinnon), the Looney Tunes character who was recently cut out of Space Jam: A New Legacy over concerns the cartoon represents misogyny; and Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz (Pete Davidson), who is being investigated by the Justice Department for payments he and another Florida politician made to women allegedly recruited online for sex, and for the possibility that he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

All three guests were given an opportunity to defend themselves before Fineman's Spears delivered a final verdict. She determined that Redd's Lil Nas X was "innocent," while McKinnon's le Pew was "not that innocent," a ruling willingly accepted by the skunk, who was seeking to turn over a new leaf. When Fineman's Spears got to Davidson's Gaetz, she noted that she was not legally allowed to call him innocent or guilty, and instead encouraged "everyone to judge him by his face," prompting the fictional Gaetz to utter an "uh oh." Tim O'Donnell