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SNL tries to coax apologies out of Ted Cruz, Andrew Cuomo, Gina Carano in latest cold open

In the latest Saturday Night Live cold open, Britney Spears (portrayed by Chloe Fineman) invited Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), and actress Gina Carano, played by cast members Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, and Cecily Strong, respectively, on to her fictional show, Oops, You Did it Again, so they could all offer apologies for their recent actions. It didn't quite go as Fineman's Spears planned, but she was able to coax some halfhearted apologies out of her guests.

Still dressed for vacation and sipping a beach cocktail, Bryant's Cruz casually expressed regret for jetting off to Cancun while Texans dealt with a deadly winter storm, power outages, and water shortages. Davidson's Cuomo joined Cruz on the couch, and begrudgingly acknowledged undercounting COVID-19 nursing home deaths in New York in the early days of the pandemic, but not before lashing out at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Strong's Carano, meanwhile, was defiant in the wake of getting fired from The Mandalorian for comparing conservatives in the United States to Jewish victims of Nazi Germany, claiming she did nothing wrong.

Throughout the sketch, Bryant's Cruz tried to relate to Carano and Cuomo, but they both made it clear they were having none of it. "Do not compare yourself to me," Davidson's Cuomo told Bryant's Cruz. "I am a man. You are a clown." Tim O'Donnell