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Reince Preibus has an 'actual reef' in his house

Reince Priebus, former President Donald Trump's first chief of staff, is incredibly invested in his 200-gallon saltwater home aquarium, The Washington Post reports.

The "actual reef" is "a lot to handle," Priebus told the Post, and his former aides can reportedly attest to his dedication to the project. They said he would drive to coral reef conventions in New Jersey to procure specialty fish and spend thousands of dollars on "sprucing up" the tank; he would also reportedly ask staffers to regularly maintain and clean another tank at work.

Still, Priebus laments the fact that while he was working in the White House in 2017 he didn't always have time to properly care for his homemade ecosystem. "I had some fish disappear," he said.

Things are looking up these days, however. "I'm happy to report that since I've left my official political activities there has been no death within the aquarium," he told the Post. "There has just been life and growth." Read more about how former Trump officials are adjusting to life after Trump in The Washington Post.