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Infamous Fyre Festival sad sandwich tweet to be auctioned as NFT for $80,000

Did Ja Rule have a plan all along? Despite Fyre Festival being a massive failure, the rapper has found ways to not only avoid the jail time fate of co-founder Billy McFarland, but to capitalize on the failure.

In March Ja Rule sold an oil painting of the Fyre Festival logo via NFT — a non-fungible token — for $122,000 through Flipkick, his digital art platform. Now, the website is auctioning a 2017 tweet about the festival's unappetizing food, Uproxx reports.

One of the first signs the now-infamous festival was not as luxurious as advertised was a tweet from festival-goer Trevor DeHaas, revealing a meal of bread, sliced cheese, and salad in a Styrofoam container, rather than a meal from chef Steven Starr's catering company.

Despite claims that the sad sandwich was only served to staff while attendees enjoyed better meals, the imagery of sliced cheese on plain bread has been seared into the minds of anyone who watched the Fyre Festival drama unfold, in real time or in one of the several documentaries about it.

DeHaas is listed as the seller, and he said the money will be used to cover medical expenses for his dialysis and kidney transplant. The value for what Flipkick describes as a "Meme. Cultural touchstone. Cheese sandwich." is estimated at $80,000, and the highest bidder gains ownership of the tweet, photo, and copyright. Yes, for just $80,000, you could be the owner of "a timeless image of inestimable cultural import," that you could otherwise just look at on the internet. The auction ends April 24.