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It may not be too long before vaccinated Americans can travel to France, Macron says

International travel has been on the back burner for most people since the coronavirus pandemic first hit, but vaccinated Americans may soon have the opportunity to stroll along the Seine in Paris once again.

French President Emmanuel Macron appeared on CBS News' Face the Nation on Sunday. During the interview, he told host Margaret Brennan that France is looking to "progressively lift" travel restrictions at the beginning of May, and U.S. citizens are part of that plan, though they will likely have to carry a "special pass" as proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Macron said there's been discussions with the White House about how the formal process will work, though It sounds like it's still too early to pinpoint a specific target date. But if things move forward as planned — the strategy could certainly change depending on the course of the virus — it likely won't be too long before folks can hop on a plane. Tim O'Donnell